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Doctor Zannos Grekos, MD – End-stage Heart failure – 10-yr Follow-Up

Heart Failure Patient – 10 Years Later

Dr Zannos Grekos MD, Regenocyte Therapeutic

Dr. Zannos Grekos, MD – Regenocyte Therapeutic

Dr Zannos Grekos, MD

NAPLES, Fla.Jan. 24, 2017PRLog — 10-year follow-up and update of a patient treated with his own stem cells for severe heart failure.

Neim Malo suffered a massive heart attack 12 years ago. Having what Dr Zannos Grekos, MD, calls “The Widowmaker”, he was rushed to the hospital for emergency stent placement. They could not stop the damage to his heart. His Heart Ejection Fraction was down to 18%. His wife had to put his shoes on for him because it was too exhausting. Severe shortness of breath kept him from walking across the restaurant he owned. He was making plans to die. Neim had 2 daughters in high school and he knew that he would not see them graduate.

That’s when he decided to be treated. Dr. Zannos Grekos MD, a Fellowship Trained Cardiologist, oversaw the procedure. The Patient’s own Stem cells were processed and then injected back into the heart which greatly improved heart function. The patient had amazing improvements. The Cardiac Ejection Fraction became normal and now 10 years later Neim Malo continues to exceed expectations. His daughters have now married and he has grandchildren to play with. For a closer look at Neim’s journey, watch the video made about him. (Watch Video)


Regenocyte is a medical group that specializes in treating patients with their own stem cells and has had vast experience in this arena. Since the stem cells come from the patient there is no rejection or side effects. Stem Cells are highly successful in treating patients with limited options. If you would like to find out more, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss the treatment options available.

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